Pictures from the 2001 MONT 24Hr Mountain Bike Race

Not really from the 24Hr, but on the same roll of film. Jen's leg after being bitten by a dog on Ando's...

A view of the Compound (TM), before the race

Jen's Dad, before the race

Jen & Peanutty Goodness get ready.

Tyno looking far too fresh

Team Pants show off their nice blue knicks.

The Compound's (TM) Guard Dog. Ooo's a clever puppy den?

Team Pants wait for Peanutty Goodness to do the Le Mans start

Dr. Indy looking happy because her bike has turned up in time for the start!

A bunch of mtb-oz goons stroll instead of run (From the left: Dan Marlay, Dr. Indy, Pauly, Saltwater)

Dr Indy looking far too fresh

Saltwater really couldn't be bothered taking the start that seriously....

.... As the bike suggests. Yes, that's a downhill bike.

Michael "Crash" Carden entertaining the kids

Gaz's balloon survived a full lap!

One of the nutters from Team Helga

Tyno STILL looking far too fresh

"Billy" Boiling not looking so fresh (though at least he's not looking too much like a porn star!)

Jen finishing a lap

A grainy shot of Freshwater in 24Hr mode - except he doesn't have a beer!

Saltwater is possessed by the Devil. Dr Indy is too busy eating to care.

Yurtie and Wilko play with lights for a night lap

Chuan comes back from a wet night lap, not looking too happy

Peanutty Goodness after a morning lap. At least the disc rotors are clean...

Pauly and Peanutty Goodness approach the finish

Pauly finishes in true mtb-oz style, while Peanutty Goodness laughs

Saltwater never drinks beer at home... And Tyno still looks far too fresh!

Show off!

You too!

Brad from Bike Addiction, slightly out of focus, but going hard!

Mel McIntyre gets cheered to the finish

A rider sprinting hard for the finish

Do I make you horny, Baby?

Dr. Indy says she was actually feeling really happy at this point. Yeah, right!

Matt Fisk on the final climb

"Billy" Boiling surveys his demesne

Emma from Team Arse was happy to finish.

Richard "Death March" Bontjer actually kind of smiled for half a second on the finishing straight

Death March again, only 50m to go after almost 400km!

Jen looks happy it's all over...

Except for the packing up and driving home!

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